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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18th

Today we started super early! Checked out of the hotel room at 6 am! You know that was super early for me! I was up by 5 am and let me tell you I was not happy! We had breakfast then made our way to Pre-Op. That appointment went very well! Natalie did a great job with Ethan despite the blood work! He asked to sit on her lap and play with her computer. Then we made our way to x-ray's around 10:00 am. That also went by really well!

He had x-ray's and were done in less than 30 minutes. Our next stop was anesthesia, were we met Dr. Rubio (I hope I got his name right) to discuss epidural and anesthesia. I pray he will be Ethan anesthesiologist on Friday. He is from El Paso, very sweet and has a lil girl Ethan's age. Nothing better than a Texan to care for our boy!

We made our way to the Quantum House to check-in. Were we met Collette, Lisa and Ruby and then Collette showed us to our room! When we walked in, we found a wonderful surprise from Abby and Jennifer. A wagon full of diapers, wipes, snacks and let us not forget about the Miami/Colts football! Anyone that knows me knows I love the Colts and Eddie of course loves the Dolphins!!! The best of both worlds for Eddie of course because he is also a huge Colts fan. Thank you so much to our lil Abby and the Scott family! We also had the pleasure to meed Alisa. She is 4 yrs old and Ethan was having a great time playing catch with her.

Our next and most painful stop was MRI procedure. We arrived at noon of course early arrival thinking early departure....wrong!!! Let's see, Ethan had the IV put in around 12:30. He cried but that didn't last long before I knew it he was OUT! He slept for hours, 5 to be exact. One hour sedated for the MRI the others probably exhausted from waking up at 6 am. Waiting to have the MRI done was by far the longest and most painful thing of the day! Not only was it 20 degrees in the room (okay maybe not 20 but after a while my toes were numb and let me add Eddie was freezing too. So you know I was beyond freezing). After about a three and a half hour wait they took us back. Ethan at this point woke up and giving his Maria look to everyone! LOL They took him in and started injecting the sedation and within seconds he was out!!! Eddie asked if we could take some of that milky formula home for the days when Ethan was pissy! The Nurse Practitioner laughed but the funny part was Eddie was serious. LOL The MRI from that point went smoothly. We were done within the hour and off to recovery we went! He was up and eating in about 15 minutes! At 5:30 we made our way to meet with Dr. Paley.

Dr. Paley came in and went over his MRI and X-ray's with us. He told us Ethan would be have Super Hip surgery, possibly knee surgery but would know more the day of the surgery. Most PFFDers have no ACL and therefore would have to correct that problem. He also, showed us Ethan's BUMP. The 90 degree angle that some PFFDers have. It was kind of freaky to see it on screen. Dr. Paley also told us that Ethan would more than likely be in a spica cast. GOD do we hope so. A fixator would be much more of a hassle. We also met Servando who went over some surgery instructions and risks. Of course, during that time I listed but put didn't worry about it or freaked out. Believe me the risks are very scarey but we know Ethan's surgery is going to be a successful one and don't even need to bother with that information.

Finally the appointments were over and off we went to catch a bite to eat. It was 8:30 PM before we got food. After linner we headed back to the Quantum house were we talked to Liddy for a bit. Ethan took a much needed bath and now sleeping with daddy. It's time to sign off. Thanks again for all the prayers and we love you guys!!!

Playing in Dr. Paley's waiting room

Getting ready to have picture taken by Servando.

As you can tell Ethan did great despite not having anything to eat for over 12 hours.

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