"STRENGTH does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will. "
~ Gandhi

E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28th

WHAT A DAY!!!!! Ethan was in such a bad mood all day tell of course bed time! Why can't he be happy and loving during the day so that everyone sees the nice and happy boy he truly is? We asked him if he could please wake up in that happy mood and he said "NOPE". We laughed but pray that he does!

We went to the mall walked around headed to lunch where we were rushed out by Ethan's crying. We got back to the Quantum House where Ethan continued to cry and scream and was pissy tell we took a nap. The nap didn't help, he woke up pissy again!!! We went to Wal-Mart and hoped that would make him happy but it didn't. We got back and he was still crying and screaming. We can't blame him it's hard being confined and not being able to do everything you were once doing. We pray that tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Alisa came over and played catch and watch movies with Ethan. She is such a good friend because if I was her I would not even acknowledge Ethan with his attitude! I guess she understands him because she is so kind to him regardless of his mood. He even had tummy time today!!! We pray that Alisa and her family have a safe trip home! Hope to talk to them very soon!!!

Ethan got a lot of mail today. He was so happy to get a package with balloons and bear from Deanna, Divine and Miguel, cards from Dottie, my sister and her kiddos, Grandma, Richard, Joel, Jan, Kim, Cynthia, Rosemary. Mary and Jacque. He loved all the goodies he got. He played with his dinosaurs and even shared his glow in the dark bracelets with Alisa. Thanks to everyone that brought a smile to my son this past few days. I truly appreciate all the love and support!!! See you soon!!!!

I was emotionally worn out today!!! Please continue to pray for mommy and her patience level because some days are just too much!!! Also, pray that my boy is back to himself soon because we miss our happy boy!

Have a good night and a very safe holiday weekend!

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