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It comes from an indomitable will. "
~ Gandhi

E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20

Today, we went to South Beach! Ethan was enjoying getting all the attention as we walked down Ocean Drive searching for a lunch spot. All the guys were envious of his wagon. At some point a guy asked him for a ride.

While waiting for our food Ethan took Eddie's sunglasses, put them on and begin to dance to the music playing in the background! It was the cutest thing, yeah, he takes after his mom. He loves to dance and people watching. After lunch we made our way to the beach. We thought Ethan was going to love the ocean, being in the water and even playing with the sand but that was not the case. He didn't like the feeling of the sand on his toes and the water well he was not going to touch it if he could help it. It was too funny. I think we spent longer walking to the beach than playing on the beach. LOL. We made our way down Ocean Drive to a park that Ethan spotted immediately! He loved the swing and if it was up to him would never get off of it. Eddie and I took turns pushing him on the swing until we noticed that he was dozing off so that was our cue to go. Ethan pitched a fit when we got him off the swing so I told him a little white lie. "Ethan, we are going to the other park with swings...that's up the street, look it's over in that direction" he believed me. I know, that's not right but that got him to stop screaming. Parents do whatever it takes, right. We made it back to West Palm Beach by 3:30. We sat around had dinner and then went out for ice cream. I met Ryan today, he is the teenage boy that had surgery on Monday. He came to see Dr. Paley when he was 11 yrs old for an abnormal hip. He explained to me that his hip was shaped like a saddle but that Dr. Paley reshaped his hip and now at age 18 he is back to get lengthening. He has about 3 cm discrepancy that he is going to correct with the lengthening procedure. He has an internal fixator and uses a magnetic device to turn the pins. He said definitely the pain was more manageable than the external fixator. He was super nice, with all the yes'am and so forth made me feel like an old women. LOL

It was time to get some rest so we headed back to our room. Ethan had fun playing in his bath and jumping on the bed tell it was time to call it a night.

We got a call from Dr. Paley's office to tell us to arrive in admissions at 8:00 am (7am central time). I pray that he is the first surgery and that we don't wait too long if he is not. However, I talked to Jennifer and she said not to hold our breaths. She also told me to be prepared to go 10 hours without seeing Ethan tomorrow. I can't imagine but pray those hours fly. I'm probably going to be a nervous wreck the entire time. We all fought going to bed tonight. Ethan jumped on his bed and watched his movie before calling it a night. I fell asleep with Ethan for about an hour then I woke up. Not only woke up but now I'm wide away. AWWWWW Well it's time for bed, talk to you guys tomorrow. Don't forget to PRAY for Ethan and Dr. Paley and his staff! Thanks everyone for all the text messages and voicemails!!!! I really appreciate all the support!
Good night.

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