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It comes from an indomitable will. "
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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24

Once again, the blood sucker (it was only one today) stopped by around 5 am we think because we were too tired to care. Good thing that the blood sucker only wanted to prick his finger!!! Ethan had a very restless night which made for restless night for mommy and daddy. When we get home mommy and daddy are going to need a chiropractor and a massage therapist because we have so many knots and aches all over from fingers to toes!!! Around 8ish, I went to our home away from home Quantum House to take a shower and a long 2 hour nap!! Then I was rudely awaken by Eddie "WHERE ARE YOU?" ETHAN SCREAMING AND CRYING in the back ground. I jump out of bed and ran back to hospital. Good thing was that by the time I made it back he was not as fussy. Ethan was getting his heart checked (sonogram) but you would think they were drawing blood again. At noon, Dr. Kim stopped by and told us that if we wanted, we could go home. His blood work came back good and that if his draining count was low we would be discharged immediately. Guess what, we are going home to the Quantum House. I was so excited, I immediately started to pack all of our belongings. Liddy and Jennifer stopped by today and brought Ethan a gift, a flash light with his name that he loved. Ethan was so happy by mid afternoon it was a 180 from what he had been just hours ago. He was once again acting like our ETHAN happy and smiling and wanting to play. The nurse and Dr. Kim stopped by a little before 3 and started stripping away the IV's and the draining valve! We were one step closer to going home!!!

Ethan was all dressed up and ready to go (putting on chap stick) home to see all his ladies!!! Sorry, Abby but I think Alisa is his new West Palm Beach babe. She is super sweet to him and really enjoys spending time with her . She stopped by to visit and Ethan was so excited to see someone other than doctors and nurses. He showed her his smiley face and Elmo balloon. He also, let her play with his flash light that he thought was really cool. He had a good dinner and then it was time for bed. Everyone at the Quantum house was so excited to see him home!

Before I forget the diapering on a spica cast sucks!! I thought we would be good at it but not has not been the case. He smells like urine and its all my fault! :( I hope to get it perfected very soon. Ethan fell asleep right after his bath. So lets pray for a good night sleep and no more muscle spasms.

Thank you for all the prayers and support we've received in the past few days. We are so fortunate to have such great friends and family who have supported us in this journey. A very special thanks to Jennifer Scott for always being there for me, giving us good notes and consoling emails. Thanks to all the nurses and techs (Suzy G., Sue, Julie and Georgia)that showered Ethan with love during our stay at the hospital. Also, thank you Dr. Paley and staff for making this operation a great success.

God Bless and have a good night.


  1. Hi Maria,

    I have been praying for Ethan's full recovery as well as strength for you and Eddy. It can't be an easy thing to go through and so far away from home. Those damn blood suckers make me wanna jump on a plan. Just know that you all are in our thoughts daily and that we love you all so much. Take care of yourself and get you some much needed rest when you can. Miss you all.

    Rose Mary

  2. Thanks Rose Mary!!! Hope to see you guys soon!!!