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It comes from an indomitable will. "
~ Gandhi

E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 2 of PT and our 3rd week in Florida

Ethan has been more active this week. He has been racing with Steve and Abby! Good thing he is super competitive because that always gets him on his feet. PT is still horrible but it's only the last 10-15 min. If we could do without the last 2 stretches (bending of the knee) we would be A'sing this. Ms. Ivette is great with Ethan and he doesn't mind seeing her but always very vocal about disliking the knee bending. Pin cleaning has become a breeze. Mommy is still paranoid but over all we are during wonderful with pin cleaning.

Today was our first water PT. Ethan was totally against it when we arrived. He told us how he hated to swim. Yeah right, you know that's not true at all. He put on a fight for about a minute then once in he was swimming like a fish!!! He LOVED water PT!!! I think we will be doing more swimming!

All the kids are doing great! Every day we see progress but of course we all have our bad days. Ethan of course is still waking up at 3 AM and 5 AM because he is either uncomfortable or in pain. I hope he gets to sleeping better soon. He tosses and turns the entire night but good thing he is doing naps everyday.

That's our weekly update. The weekend is almost here and we will have time to go out and catch some vitamin D. I love Florida in January!!! It's beautiful everyday!!

Thank you for the continuance prayers!!! Talk to you soon.

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