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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Surgery Day

We were up and early by 6 AM. Abby was already at the hospital when we arrived at 7 AM. She was playing around with her brother Charlie. We tried to get a pic of the two of them but Ethan was not cooperating. He so not a morning person. Wonder where he gets that from? LOL. Abby got her happy juice around 8ish. Of course, we were still waiting but Ethan was doing fine. He kept telling us he was ready to go home. The nurse brought over daddy's scrubs and Ethan started to write his name on them. I proceeded to write "I love daddy","I love mommy" and "We love Ethan"! He is too funny, played the entire time we waited. We saw Eyal walking in and he also looked very happy. The only thing was he woke up asking for water. Something he had never done. It's like they know something is up.

Our time has arrived and it's 10 AM (EST)! Our little guy did not want to be wheeled or carried back to the surgical room. He wanted to walk and of course no one argued or questioned his decision. He proceeded to walk as the nurses, daddy and the anesthesiologist followed him towards the surgical room. Eddie said when he arrived he stopped dead on his tracks and Eddie had to carry him to his bed. He allowed the mask to be applied and out he was. He is such a brave little guy and we are so proud of him!!!

We went back to the waiting room to join Abby's mommy and daddy. I think having each other gave us comfort and strength because we were all doing very well. You could feel the spirit of God holding us and her pastor praying over us I know made a huge differnce.

At 11 AM Dr. Paley came out strolling in with a full smile! He told Abby's parents that all went well. They will finish her up and you can see her in an hour or two. He gave us the same grin and said Ethan is next. As he walked back he tripped over a backpack. The last thing we need is for him to get hurt. I told him "Be careful, don't get hurt we need you.". As a parent there is nothing better than to see Dr. Paley enter the room with a smile from ear to ear!

We are playing the waiting game Eyal's parents are now waiting with us. Lily and her parents stopped by to check in on us. We also met patient number two Claire that is set for tomorrow. Lily is set for 8 AM but I'm not sure about Claire and Andrea (not sure if it's Andrea or Alexandria) Please keep them in your prayers as well.

It's about 12:30 PM and Abby is out of recovery and headed to her room. Hooray for Abby!!!

At 1 PM our stunning Dr. Paley walked in to tell us he is done and that all went well. They removed his hardware from his hip and installed the fixator. They will finish him up and should be able to see him within the hour or so. Thank God for giving us such wonderful Paley team and thank God for our tough little cookie!!!

At 2:30 PM the waiting period started to make me a little anxious. An hour felt like 5 hours! UGH!!! I'm ready to see my baby is what kept running through my mind.

At 3:15 we are called back and see our sweet angel's face for the first time. He looked good not swollen like he did after superhip. He looked very peaceful. Once they settled him into his room I saw the fixator for the first time. You can say I'm intimidated by it. Not sure how I feel about it just yet. I'm between excited and full of anxiety.

It's 4 PM and he is still sleeping. Abby is up and loving her fixator. I walked into her room and she tells me "Dr. Paley broke my leg and I didn't even hurt." "Look at my fixator it's mine.". I asked her if it hurt and she said "no, not at all." with a big smile on her face. Love that little girl and all her spunky attitude.

At 5:15 he woke up and requested Popsicle and apple juice. He is in denial and not wanting to look at the fixator. Ethan has had 2 Popsicles and 3 juices. I think someone is hungry! I know I am!!! Meanwhile Abby is wanting to stand up and go. Eating and wanting to go home! LOL

It''s 9:30 PM and we just saw Sophia going into the room next door. The "Fantastic Four" are all here and doing well. Let us pray that the vitals stay good over night and our lil troopers are feeling much better in the morning. Our friend Lily is set to star with her lengthening at 8 (EST), Claire and Andrea are set sometime after her. I wanted to ask to keep them and her parents in your prayers. It's tough being a parent at this moment and prayer will be their only calming medicine. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and support!!! I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

Good night!

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