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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 Day Post-Op (Discharged Day)

Eddie had a bad night last night not because Ethan was not doing well but because the nurses and techs came in every 2 and 4 hours. The vampires showed up around 4 AM but they only pricked the finger. I think Eddie was relieved because he was so not looking forward to the multiple pricking. Ethan was up and ready to watch his cartoons at that time. When I got to the hospital they had already had breakfast and they were ready to go home.

Dr. Paley and John (PA) came by before noon to tell us we were being discharged. Yes, we were eager for those words!!! The bad thing was that we still needed to get Ethan's fixator fixed. The bar is too high up so high that it was bruising his ribs. John sent over Tony's partner (can't recall his name but I'm sure I will know it in no time) that told us that they will have to get something to solder the excess. He returned later with a new bar and that was the end of that. Good thing because the soldering was making me nervous. Ethan decided to take a nap after lunch so we had to wait on him and on his last round of meds before we could get discharged.

Three of the Fantastic Four got to go home. Abby, Eyal and Ethan were all a home and finding things to do at the QH. Eleanor played with Ethan and told him all about her fixator. She is so cute and her English accent is even cuter! Ethan is so lucky to have a house full of great kids. They are going to be great friends as they grow together. Sophia has one more night in the hospital but hope to get discharged tomorrow. Lily is doing really good and she will more then likely be discharged tomorrow as well.

Abby was the first of the three to get her pin sites cleaned today. It was not fun for her or her parents. Hours later she is still not happy about the cleaning but after a while she was happy and in the playroom with Ethan and Charlie. Eyal was next tonight and he was also a very unhappy and vocal child. It's just plane torture for the parents. I can't wait tell this gets easier for everyone!!!! Including me!!! Ethan was the last one to get his pin sites cleaned but we made a deal that we were going to be strong like Superman. He fought it at first but then ended up being the little Superman he is. All was going well until the last pin site got wrapped. That's when he had enough!!! I think he was talking in tongues! Right after I finished he was fine and ready for his mila (milk)! After the mila he was telling me that I hurt him really bad. I explained to him that I don't do it on purposes. That this is a necessity and that very soon this will all be over. I explained that after all this he will not need to wear his helper leg and that with his fixator he will be able to run like lightening. At that point he decided to name his fixator "Lightning McQueen" because it's going to help him go FAST!

Our first PT is Monday at 9:30 that will also be our first lengthening day. Everyday we will lengthen 1 mm (10 mm equals 1 cm). Ethan has 3.38 cm discrepancy so if you do the math we will need at least 35 days of lengthening given that we don't have any hiccups on the way.

Tomorrow is Saturday, so lets see what we can get into. I want to get him out so he is not bored with being at home. I sure can use a little running. Maybe I will get up and go for a run on the beach trail.

Thank you for all the prayers! Good night!

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