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It comes from an indomitable will. "
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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Hour Road Trip

We had a great road trip today! We are so proud of our little guy! At first I was a little worried because we hadn't made it out of Lancaster when Ethan asked if we were there yet. I honestly didn't think we would go 2 hours without having to stop but so glad I was wrong. Ethan played with my IPhone, Eddie's IPhone, Eddie's IPad and we sang "Take me out to the ball game" about 10 times if not more! We played with Mr. Monkey (Marissa's good luck gift) and Max the Doggie (Ms. Dottie's Christmas gift)!

So here is our check list:
Texas - Check
Louisiana - Check
Mississipi - Check
Alabama - ?
Florida - ?

Three down 2 to go!!!

Abby, Charlie and Jennifer made it to WPB after some hiccups but thankfully are enjoying the beautiful beach! Charlie had to make his stop to sink his toes in the sand and ended up waist high in the ocean. You Go Charlie! Live it up!!! I plan on doing the same when I make it to WPB just because that might might be the only chance I get to sink my toes in the sand.

Well it's bed time but will write again tomorrow.

P.S. Please continue to pray for good health, safe trip for all the families traveling to WPB including Toby and Jamie and her family!

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