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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 3 of Pt and Progress Report...

We've had a great week with the exception of daddy going home on Tuesday. Over the last few days we've been to the beach twice. We went to Juno Beach to watch the wind surfers, to Jupiter beach and to Dubios Park. I LOVE it! Can't say the same for Ethan. He screams "don't jump" every time he sees us near the water. I'm not sure why he is so afraid of the water but hope he gets over it soon!!! The weather here has been perfect!!!

Pt is going well with the exception of the last 5 min. I think I've learn to toughen up but I still get choked up every once in awhile. He started his water PT today and LOVES it!!! He will have land therapy in the morning at 10 AM and water therapy at 3:00 PM. I was hoping that with all the PT I would be excused from PT at home but that's not the case. :( Today, he had land PT with Ms. Emily and they played the Wii and basketball before starting the stretches!

Yesterday, we had our first of many 2 week appointment. We got a great report!!! He has 13mm of new bone!!!! Yes, 13mm!!! We are super hyped about our great news. Abby has also gained 13mm. Our friend Eyal as well but he will require another surgery tomorrow. He is having nerve issues that need to be addressed. Sophia is lengthening both her femur and tibia and has gained 22mm. Lily has gained 15mm but she is also having nerve issues. Please continue to pray for all our troops!!!!

I will report back next week!!! Good night!!

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