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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 7 and Post-Op Appointment

Time flies when you are having fun. We are super busy every day. If we are not doing PT, stretches, water PT, Pin cleaning, play time or sleeping we are trying to relax. Ethan continues to have good nights. We are not getting up in middle of the nights so very thankful for that. He started to complain about knee bar going in. It hurts for the initial 20 minutes that it goes in but once he has his Valium and pain killer he is OUT!!! We are at 60-70 degrees but praying we gain at least tell 80-85 degree in the next few weeks. Overall Ethan is doing great and we hope that we continue at this pace!!! Mommy through her back out and is trying to recover so hope that it will feel better soon.

We are at week seven and we have gained 36 mm. We had our appointment with Paley and since Ethan is super stiff and hard to bend (knee) we will be starting our 3/4 turns instead of 4/4 turns. He wants to see if going slower will help the healing of the muscles and allow the knee to bend 90 degrees. We sure hope that works!

Daddy and Grandma are coming to visit this weekend so we will let you know what we manage to get into.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Say special prayers for Ethan to get more flexibility.

Sorry for the short update but Ethan keeps me busy.

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