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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 4 of PT and Excellent Week

It's been a very good week. Ethan’s water therapy is really paying off. Not only is he enjoying it but I think it's giving him strength and courage to do other things. We are sure that he will be swimming by the end of this week. He holds his breath under water and swims to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toys and only comes up for air for a second. He is so competitive that he doesn’t give up!! I’m so proud of my little SUPERMAN!!!

My parents have been here for a week now and it’s been really nice. Last week Ethan loved having his uncle Junior here. They raced, watched movies and played Mario. What more could a kid ask for? Every morning he would wake up asking for his uncle Junior.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but Ethan has become a MARIO (Wii) lover. I can’t pry him away from that MARIO. My trick has been only allowing him 5 games per day; 2 before water therapy, 2 before dinner and 1 after dinner. I think it’s still a lot but I have to start somewhere. He was normally spending all day long playing MARIO so we are making progress. Ethan was a child that spent 50% of his time running around playing baseball, soccer and playing hiding seek. The other 50% of the time was spent reading books and watching his shows. Mario has taken over his life since we have been here at the QH. He has only picked up a book a hand full of times and mommy doesn’t like that. He doesn’t participate in any other activities nor does he want to play if it’s not MARIO. It’s amazing how things can change over night.

PT has been going well. I hope we either progress or stay at this level. He is reaching 85-90 degrees and now wants to be more active. He is playing the Sports Wii, playing soccer, walking on the treadmill and playing basket ball. He is also walking a lot without his walker and his balance gets better every day. We finally got his AFO today but now the shoe lift needs to be adjusted. UGH!!! Not only do we have to remove layers (LOVE IT) but we need to get a new shoe because the AFO doesn’t work with the shoe we originally got a lift on. A $50 shoe is ruined because they had to cut it to get the AFO in the shoe. We will have to go shopping for a new shoe that has a flat sole, no lights no added features just a flat sole and wide!

Saturday, Abby came over to do stretches with Ethan. Jennifer got some great pictures of them holding hands! It was super cute! I will post them later!

Today, we celebrated Charlie’s (Abby’s older brother) birthday. We had a great cake compliment of our house mom MJ. It was beautiful and yummy!!! Abby, Eyal and Sophia are all doing well. All the kiddos are walking well and doing great. Our little friend Lily had surgery today to relieve the tension of a pinched nerve and during the surgery they got some bad news. They will not lengthen for 8 CM they were trying to gain. The nerve is being constricted to a point were no further lengthening would be possible. They will also have to do 2 land PTs a day. Something no parent wishes on a child not only because it’s painful but because PT is limited in most cases and out of pocket expenses is ridiculous. Please say a special prayer for Lily and her family. That God gives them the comfort they need and that the nerve and muscle lengthening to the planned goal of 8 CM.

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