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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 5 and 2nd Post-Op

Things have not changed much we are still running on empty most nights. Schedule is still full and we are going full force. After 3 trips to the mall we located a shoe that would work with his AFO. Note to self and to all the parents, Nordstroms are great when it comes to getting two different sizes shoes. I'm not sure if they do it world wide but the do it at West Palm Beach, no other store will allow that. You would be forced to buy two pair of shoes if you needed two different sizes. Ethan was needing a size bigger because he has the AFO. We eventually found the shoes at Sears after hitting every shoe store in the Gardens Mall. He is in a extra wide size 9! On Friday, we dropped it of at Nobles Shoes and Monday morning we got a call that it was ready!!! Very nice shoe lift with 5.5 CM. If you recall, the last shoe lift that we had did not work but it was also a 8 CM lift! In 4 weeks of lengthening we have managed to remove 2.5 CM!!!

This weekend was so much fun. Not only did daddy come in town but Ethan had a great weekend despite the weather. The girl scouts cooked dinner for us on Saturday and danced with Ethan. They gave him so much attention and he loved it. His new friend Kayla was super sweet to him. She played with him and made him the happiest kid! I will post a video later so you guys can check it out!

Today, we had are 2nd post-op appointment and things are going great! He gained 26 mm so far! My lil superman is almost halfway through this procedure. We didn't get to see Dr. Paley because Eddie and I had to rush him to the airport but Dr. Paley told my parents that everything looked excellent!

I met Ashley and her family today! Kayle is super cute and as happy as my little Ethan! It's always nice meeting people that we can relate too.

All the other kids got a great report card today so we are on our way!!! Keep us prayed up as we continue this journey!!!

E-Rod's Angels are having a fundraiser tomorrow in Ennis at Mexicano Grill. Pictures with your sweetheart from 6-10 PM. They will also be selling flowers and giving away candy. Thanks to my family for organizing the event and to Mexicano Grill for their support! Good night!

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