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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tuesday, June 29th

Ethan is on his 6 week mark so cast is soon to come off and he can begin physical therapy and bearing weight. The past few weeks have been great. Ethan is back to himself, all smiles and loving on everyone. I must say we are really looking forward to no cast. We've gone swimming a few times and he loves it. It's good for us because he gets in his physical therapy without too much fuss.

However, on Sunday we emailed Dr. Paley a picture of an area on Ethan's leg that doesn't want to heal. He emailed us back and told us that it was dead tissue that needed to be debrided and the wound reclosed. That it's a small operative procedure but unfortunately we would have to fly to Florida. Yesterday, we went to see his pediatrician and she referred us to Children's. Of course, all of this was in hopes that the procedure could be done here in Dallas versus flying out to Florida. We spent most of the day at Children's where they told us that it was not infected and to let it heal on it's own. It would probably be weeks before it closed and to go back to sponge baths tell it scabbed over. At that point, we were relieved and glad that we wouldn't have to go to Florida. Later that afternoon, I got a call from Dr. Paley's scheduling coordinator, I told her the situation, what the doctors had told us and told her that we wouldn't be doing the procedure. In about minutes the phone rang and it was Dr. Paley. He proceeded to tell me that it was mandatory that we had the procedure done, that if we did nothing the area would heal but create a crater. The decision of not flying out, was not acceptable, and that we needed to come out to Florida this week. He also said that he sees this type of things happen all the time and that if he doesn't do the procedure it will cause long term issues. For example, the area will not heal because with every stretch and stand it will reopen. I'm sure, he knows what he is talking about and I'm sure he will do the best job but it's still stressful and irritating having to travel back to Florida to have a simple procedure. Everyone at Children's was very impressed with Ethan's hardware and asked what exactly he had done. The X-Ray's they did looked pretty cool, hope they look cool for Dr. Paley.

Ethan and Eddie to fly out tomorrow afternoon. I'm glad it's getting done just wished I didn't have to be away from my baby. I know, we got to do what we got to do. Hope they get to come home before Sunday, the 4th.

Abby has the same type of hole smaller but deeper. They will be in Florida in a few weeks so please keep her in your prayers. Hope Dr. Paley doesn't scorn her mommy and daddy and that he is able to close the area up so that it heals faster.

Please pray for Ethan that the simple procedure goes well and that they return home safe! Also, pray for mommy so that she doesn't freak out while they are gone!!!

Lord I know you don't give me anything I can't handle but just wished you wouldn't have so much faith in me!!!! I'm going to be strong and pray for lots of strength!

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