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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday, July 8th

Last week was crazy. Ethan ended up going back to Florida to have a debridement procedure. Eddie and Ethan flew out on Wednesday.
They had pre-op early Thursday morning and Eddie said Ethan was a great little patient. He didn't even cry when they drew blood or did x-rays. Good news, bone has healed and Ethan no longer needs to wear the spica cast. Bad news, the debridement procedure is still a must.

He had the procedure done on Friday the 2nd, Dr. Paley went in and removed all the dead tissue and re-stitched the area. Dr. Paley told us that it's a very common issue after a surgical procedure. The surgery took about an hour. The simple procedure that would be an outpatient surgery ended up being a little more than that. He was admitted to the hospital to allow the wound to drain and to keep an eye on him. He woke up hungry but really nothing like when he had Super Hip surgery. He was more alert and didn't require oxygen. He had a very good night slept and didn't fuss when the tech came by to do her thing.

Saturday, he woke up in great spirits and like nothing. He was playing in bed and wanting to go home! He was discharged by 3:30 pm and was ready to go play! Ethan continues to amaze us! He had just had his leg scraped and stitched and he was not even concern or in pain!

Sunday, Ethan went to the movies for he first time to see Toy Story 3! He loved it and watched the movie. I'm a little sad because I was not part of his experience but I'm sure we will have many more movies. They arrived around 8 pm and we didn't even wait for fireworks! We were ready for bed. Happy Fourth of July but we need some sleep!

Today, he walked a few steps with the help of Eddie and without his prosthetic. He is so determined to walk and get around. We hope that PT will start next week but given that our PT is on vacation I'm really not sure! Regardless, we are going to start letting him walk with his prosthetic and the walker on Saturday. Please pray that he doesn't get discourage and we see progress.

Abby is doing great! She is walking with her prosthetic and is getting around just fine. You go Abby!!!!! She is not going to let a little surgery hold her down!!!

Please keep Emma and her family (friend of Abby's) in your prayers. Little Emma is having serious medical issues and her parents are forced to make a very tough decision. One that I know as a parent is heartrending.

Good night!

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