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It comes from an indomitable will. "
~ Gandhi

E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday-Monday, May 30 - 31st

This past few days have been the hardest days since the surgery/post surgery. We're not sure what is causing him to wake-up and scream bloody murder. We feel so helpless! He seems scared and angry to a point of almost passing out. He screams so loud that I'm sure the entire house (10 rooms plus) can hear him! Being an only child probably doesn't help matters because every thing is his! He doesn't want anyone touching his toys, TV, or even sharing his mommy and daddy!

We really don't know how many more days of screaming and tantrums we can take. I guess I was spoiled because before surgery he was so easy going. He was happy 95 percent of the time and now it's the opposite. It's like he is a different person. Servando tells us that the pain meds sometimes cause them to be more irritable and cranky so I hope once he stops the pain meds my boy will be back to himself!

GOD, I know, this too shall pass but please make it pass QUICK! Monday night was my breaking moment. He had been cranky all day. Eddie had been cooking out while I entertained or should I say try to entertain. I was getting ready to sit down and eat when he decided to start screaming AGAIN. Why? I have no clue! He was pissed to a point of kicking and screaming! I went back to the room and put him down to watch his movies! That seemed to calm him down but what about mommy! I was in tears defeated by my 2 yr old son! I stuck my face in my pillow and screamed. I think out of desperation that I couldn't help him or I couldn't make him happy! Desperation that we are only at week 1 of our 6 week journey!!! Desperation that my baby is not the baby I brought it to West Palm Beach 15 days ago!

The little glimpse of happiness are great! He hugs and kisses us! Laughs at just about anything so I hang on to those moments and hopes that those moments become longer each and every day!

Continue to pray for mommy that the Lord gives her strength and understanding and pray that Ethan comes home soon!!!

We have our appointment tomorrow and flying out Wednesday!!!

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