"STRENGTH does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will. "
~ Gandhi

E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, April 30, 2012

WE ARE DONE LENGTHENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Week 16)

The right X-Ray is his initial on January 10th and the left is the one from today! Look at all that new bone!!! Need I say more!!! It's week 16 and we are DONE with the lengthening. We are super excited and we can't hide it. We are going home!!! Did you hear we are going home!!!  We just talked to daddy and he said SATURDAY is the day!!! We are going home!!!

Ethan's appointment went super!!!  He gained the 8CM we wanted to gain and we are done with the lengthening. His hip is looking good and bone ossification is also looking good! It's just amazing and every time I look at the X-rays or his leg I just get a lump in my throat! All the hard work has paid off!! We are looking at even legs and even sooner the removal of fixator!!!

Thank you Jesus!!! We are looking forward to going home but sad to say goodbye to Liddy, Abby and Graham. Graham also received good news today and will be going home in two weeks. Abby is also done lengthening and will go home after her brother Charlie finishes school. Liddy has gained 2 inches already!! That goes to show you that Dr. Paley is making miracles happen on daily basis.  Eyal went home last weekend and Sophia left on Sunday.  We sure miss our friends but glad everyone is getting to go home.  Looks like the initial Class of 2012 is all done now and soon will be returning one by one to get the fixator removed.  Lilly will be back in a month to have her fixator removed and I'm sure Claire will follow along with Sophia, Eyal and Abby.

Last week was Ethan's Birthday and thanks to a group of volunteers he had an amazing Star Wars Birthday party! He was super happy and with great smiles. On his birthday Abby received the great news to stop lengthening!!!  

We are praying that PT gets easier as we start our none turning days at West Palm Beach and that by the time we make it home we are looking at easier days.

Thank you for all the prayers and moral support you have provided us during our lengthening months!