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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, April 13, 2012

Post-2nd Surgery (Week 12-13)

Where do I start? First of all, Ethan did extremely well after surgery. I have to share our pre-op discussion with happy juice. The surgical nurses found Ethan to be super cute and wanted to be his girlfriends. Of course, he said no, he said “I have a girlfriend” with a huge smile on his face. They asked him how old was he and one of the nurses proceeded to tell him that since he was 3 he was allowed one girlfriend per year. He was three and therefore he was allowed to have 3 girlfriends. It was super funny!!! All this took place as we wheeled Ethan back to the operating room. Once in the operating room, he proceeded to tell the ladies that he only has one girlfriend name Marissa. It was super cute that even drugged up he confirmed that he was one girlfriend kind of guy. The ladies kept insisting he could have 2 more girlfriends but he was not on board. Eddie had been the one that walked him to the operating room and today was my day! I managed to hold all my tears back and gave my baby kisses before walking out o the operating room. Later, I thought how great it was to be distracted by them and not fully focused on taking my baby back to the operating room. I was sure he was in great hands but the 4 hour surgery felt like an eternity. My dad was pacing back and forth making me nervous. At one point he even asked what was taking so long. He was super eager to see Ethan. About an hour later they allowed us to see him. He woke up hungry and devoured a popsicle and had about 3 apple juices. We got to go home the same day and I was hoping I wouldn’t regret it. I didn’t, Ethan did great once at home. He was not happy about pin cleaning or stretches but its understandable. We had PT appointment the next day that I was not fully prepared for. It turned out not to be so bad. He was pretty tight but hoping that by Monday he would be better.

The weekend was fun because daddy made it in on Friday!!! Ethan was so happy to be with daddy that he forgot all about the surgery and additional pins. We ended up spending Easter Sunday at the beach! It was a bit cold so we didn’t get in the water but we sure enjoyed seeing the locals enjoying the cold water.

Week 13:
Tuesday, was a little hectic to say the least. Ma (my mom) slipped and fell at water therapy. She banged her self pretty bad but thankfully no broken bones or fractures were shown on the x-rays. UGH, I can’t handle another patient! ;-) She is doing well but still in a lot of pain. Hopefully, by Monday she will also feel better and we will all be in our way to recovery and better days. Our friend Sophia had surgery on Tuesday. She needed to have her hip secured and nerve decompression. She had already planned to go home on Sunday but since she had surgery she will have to stay at least another 2 weeks. She is doing well. It’s amazing how resilient kids are. They amaze me on a daily basis.

We celebrated Abby’s Birthday on Wednesday. She is now 4 and Ethan is also eager to celebrate his! She was super cute in her full blown Strawberry Shortcake costume. Abby is doing better this week but still having issues with both straightening and bending. Mommy is sure praying for no surgery but hopefully they will be done in a few weeks. They started 2 day turns last week and that seems to be helping.

Patty Mac’s invites a family from Quantum House every other Thursday for dinner and treats them like VIP’s. On Thursday it was our turn. We ate so much but it was all worth it! The owner brought over his grandson Preston to meet Ethan. Preston sat and showed him his games on his IPad. Ethan was so happy and excited about his new friend that he said Preston was his new best friend. LOL

This week has gone very smoothly at PT minus the temper tantrums. He is not as tight and stretches are going pretty easy.

It’s Friday and we are eager for Monday!!! We will know how we have progressed since our last x-ray/surgery day and hopefully get a definite day of departure!

Have a great weekend and I will let you know how Monday goes!! Please continue to pray for all the class of 2012!!!

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