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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, April 2, 2012

Prayer Request!!! (12 weeks)

Today, we had our hip x-ray and Dr. Paley confirmed the one thing that I was not prepared to hear. Ethan's hip is dislocating and will require another surgery to secure the hip. Not only is Ethan getting more pins but he will also get the decompression done. What does that mean to mommy? More pin cleaning, more sleepless nights, more discomfort for Ethan, and more chances for infection. I think, I turned green when Dr. Paley uttered the words "surgery tomorrow" he didn't have to say anything else. Dr. Prince looked at me very sympathetic and I really wanted to run to him and get a big hug. I needed comforting but I managed to composed myself and started asking John questions. How I wished Servando was the one to break the news. I managed to compose myself tell I got to the car. I cried and still crying not because I'm worried about surgery because I have full confidence in Dr. Paley and team but because this shouldn't be happening. We should be on the end of the race and near the finish line. I'm so ready to go home!!! They said this wouldn't slow us down but I just can't imagine.

On a brighter note Ethan is making beautiful bone!!!!

I have to get some much needed rest. Please pray for Dr. Paley and team, for Ethan and for mommy and daddy. Surgery is set for 11 AM tomorrow. I will keep you updated.

Good night!


  1. Sorry to hear about the hip and the additional surgery. Hope it all went well and that Ethan is recovering well. Hang in there!