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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, March 26, 2012

5th Post-Op (11 weeks)

Our last 2 weeks have been pretty fun. We went to International Polo Club for St. Patty's day. We had Class of 2012 pics with Dr. Paley. We went out to Juno Beach to see Melba get released into the ocean. Ethan was able to see Fletch the Loggerhead mascot which he loved! On Sunday we went to Lily's for some pool and fun time!

As far as work goes....the week of the 12th we got to 80 degrees in bending. At this point the knee bar is still an issue. He cried for 30 min to an hour. On the 15th he had restless night but not crying at night. The week of the 19th and we still having knee bar issues. Finally, i decided that maybe he should wear it more so he had it on from 3-6:30 PM. He cries for about an hour but finally he is fine and playing Mario. Stretches at home look good and we are from75-83 degrees. On the 20th he didn't wear the knee bar during the day but we had a good stretch and no crying with knee bar at night. I really hope he has better nights in the days to come. He is so ready to go to Texas that he is being such a sport about it all.   He is eating a lot better and even willing to wear his knee bar during the day.

The past two weeks Ethan has told me he doesn't love me right after PT at home. He tells me to get away and go back to Texas. I have to be strong but it hurts to hear those words! I told him today that it hurts me when he says that so I hope he stops it! However, I don't blame him! PT is no fun that's for sure!!! Ugh, I'm so ready for it to be over!!!!

We had our 5th Post-Op appointment today and for the most part all looked great. Bone looks beautiful and we are at 5.5 CM of our 8 CM goal (14 days he gained 13 mm.) The x-ray showed a gain of 61mm total in 70 days in but they tell you that the x-ray is magnified so it shows more than actual gained. Servando and Prince are concerned that the hip might be moving and therefore Ethan will need to get x-rays on Monday. Please pray it was just a bad hip view and that the hip is not starting to dislocate. We are still alternating between 3/4 and 4/4 turns and since it's working we will continue!

As far as the rest of the Class of 2012 goes, we have Lily going home on Friday and Mariel going home next week. Sophia has an appointment this week but I'm sure she is also finished at the end of the week. Abby girl is having serious pain at night due to our friend the knee bar. Eyal is doing good but also not liking the knee bar. Elenore will also be done soon and getting to go home but hating the knee bar. Claire might have a broken pin but they are continuing with the lengthening. We hope she can get to her goal of 8 CM. Our new friend Jesse is having a bad first week of PT and Liddy is home but in some pain. She starts PT this week so please add her to the prayer list.

All fun and games at Quantum House but we are all working really hard to rich our goals. Continue to pray for all the little troops and Mommy's and daddy's. Please also pray that Ethan's hip is not dislocating!

Good night and thank you for all the support and prayer!!!

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  1. Thanks ao much for the updates. My daughter had her lengthening surgery march 6th and reading your blog gives me some insights as ro what's to come. We have a blog for her too if you'd like to read it www.amayaxoch.blogspot
    Thanks again and stay strong! I know how hard it is to be in your shoes.