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It comes from an indomitable will. "
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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7th

We visited with Emily and Jake this morning at Paley's waiting room. The kids sure love playing with each other and we love visiting with other parents going through the same situation/decisions. We ended up staying for a long visit and concluded that our little group was the class of 2012 (lengthening purposes). They are all around the same age so it's cool if we do all go around the same time to do the first lengthening. Jake is going to have Superhip 2 and probably lengthening at the same time but wont know tell the day of the surgery. Shawna, Charles, Jake and Luke are all from upstate New York. We joked about renting a huge house so that we can all do the surgeries at the same time but actually would be beneficial.
(Emily, Jake, Abby and Ethan "Class of 2012")

We also met a super star Olivia who had tendon replacement, yes tendon replacement surgery on her foot yesterday and was released the same day! AMAZING! She was out and about playing like nothing was wrong. Her mom's name is Maria, yeah yet another Maria! LOL We also checked in with Evan and his family. Seems like he is a super star too because he was done in 6 hours! He is doing great and his parents are too.

After we left Paley's office we went over to visit with Nancy a 66 year old friend that has PFFD or CFD. Ethan and Abby played with her old helper legs and her puppy Jazz. Visiting with her was great. She told us how she grew up with her disability (never seen herself to be disabled just a little different). She is a very strong women so doesn't surprise me much! She had her prosthesis cut down in the middle of one of her old legs to allow us to see what it looked like inside. It looked painful to me but she assured us is was very cozy. Her toes are pointing straight down, OUCH. Jennifer is taking it home and some day show it to our kids. She has a place in Boynton Beach right off the beach!!! SuPeR gReAt view!!! We went out to the beach and I can honestly tell you that some day I want a beach front property!!!

Tomorrow we are back home!!!

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