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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring 2011

It's been months since our last post and figured it was time for a much needed update. We can't believe that last year around this time we were gearing up for the Superhip surgery. We've come a very long way that's for sure.

Ethan went to Abby's birthday party at the Gymnastic Spot a few weeks ago and he had a blast! Eddie said that they were giving each other lots of hugs and that Ethan had to be right next to her at all times. They are both too cute! We have a great video of Ethan running without prosthetic and jumping into the foam squares.

Two weeks ago we celebrated Ethan's third birthday!!! Can you believe he is big 3? Kids truly grow up so quick and it seems like every month their features change. I look at pictures from last year and compare them to this year and he has gone from my baby to my little man! His birthday party theme this year was prince/princess since he shared it with his cousin Chloe who also turned 3! Ethan refused to wear his crown and cape but the the princess was all for her beautiful dress and crown. Grandma once again out did herself and made a beautiful castle cake. Ethan ran around dancing, jumping and playing games throughout the entire day/night. The party started at 4:30 and went through 10:30 and I can tell you that he only sat to eat dinner the rest of the time he ran around with the other kids. Thanks to all our friends and family that attended the party and for all the great gifts!!

On Easter Eve, we started our new tradition "Making Cascarones". In English, it's coloring and filling eggs with confetti for Easter Sunday! He was super excited about the entire process! On Easter/Birthday his God Mother Molly surprised him with a bunny (that he named Jona) and balloons.

We had our very last PT last week and Ms. Rhonda asked "What is Ethan not doing?" well we can say nothing because he is doing it all!!! He runs, jumps and climbs stairs with and without prosthetic! She was very pleased to see that Ethan is utilizing and strengthening his knee. The only thing she suggested was that we start working on his hip and knee strengthening to get him ready for the lengthening surgery next year. We are going to miss Ms. Rhonda but she said we could call her anytime if we had any questions or concerns.

It's amazing how a year can make such a difference. I'm so glad that we opted not to do the lengthening this year but it's time to start planning and seriously thinking about lengthening next year. As of today, we are really not sure when we will schedule his surgery for but looking to get that scheduled very soon. We are due for our six month check-up with Dr. Paley but hope we can push it off tell December. Thanks again for all the prayers and support!

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