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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday, December 6th

Prior to the Follow-up visit we made our way to lunch with Abby and her mom. Then to the Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescue hospital where we watched doctors work on a turtle that was brought in that day. It's simply amazing what the rescue hospital does for the turtles that get bitten by sharks, hit by propellers etc. We saw lots of hatchlings which is rare for this season but even turtles have miracle babies! Ethan and Abby had a blast.

We arrived to Paley's office around 2:30 and saw him at 5:30. Ethan like always did great with X-Rays and examination. Prior to seeing Dr. Paley, we visited in the waiting room with Evan and his parents. Evan was adopted from Columbia. He lives in Minnesota and his parents are Jennifer and Scott (really easy to remember). Evan is scheduled to have surgery Tuesday morning. Please keep him in your prayers. We also ran into Eva and her mom Maria. Maria was the one that did the Superhip spica cast/diaper change video. Emma was in for a follow-up appointment from her first lengthening. She is wearing a very small shoe lift. Maybe an inch but sure is nice to see how well she is doing.

(Abby, Evan and Ethan in the waiting room)

Dr. Paley and his 15 surgeons walked in like they were on a mission. As Dr. Paley compared his before and after x-rays we were able to see the ossification of his femur and his hip socket. Dr. Paley explained the superhip surgery to the surgeons and told him that Ethan's hip was a very easy hip to fix given that he did have cartilage and some ossification. Prior to superhip Ethan's discrepancy was 11 cm. His current discrepancy is 8 cm. If you remember Ethan's femur was growing in a 90% angel so Dr. Paley correct that and added ligaments to his knee. Ethan gained around 3 cm.
I didn't ask but will email Dr. Paley at a later time but from the x-ray it looks like his head of his fibula is either missing or not grown out as needed. Abby got a good report so we are all set for the first lengthening in 2012!

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