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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Monday, December 6, 2010

Marathon and Paley's Christmas Party

Rising shine at 4:30 A.M. but Ethan didn't complain too much, yet. Ethan and I completed the 5K in 36 minutes. Yeah, not great timing but not bad for mom pushing a screaming kid 95% of the time. We stopped a few times because Ethan didn't want mommy to go fast and he want mommy to hold Ethan. AWWWWW!! About 15 minutes after crossing the finish line he was fine. We met Charles, Jake's dad, Jake is having superhip in May. Jake is a few weeks older than Ethan and they live in upstate New York. Very sweet family and glad we talked about our experience with Dr. Paley and other doctors.

It was another full blown pissy attitude because Ethan wanted to walk back to the car. The car was at least 4 blocks away. Did Ethan understand that? No! He screamed and cried the entire way to the Quantum House!!!! Nice, son just nice! The entire time Abby is telling him to hush. It was priceless!

After a long nap, we got dressed for the Paley Christmas Party!!! It was great meeting new families. Ethan played with Jake and David (had surgery and our roommate at the Quantum House). David and his family are super sweet and what's even better his dad is a Colts fan!!! Liddy and her sisters were great with Ethan they kept him well entertained. Skyler a 20 year old from Wisconsin is on his last lengthening. Skyler started his journey with superhip at the age of five. We talked sports cars and tickets. LOL

The party finished up and we spent the rest if the evening watching FOOTBALL! Of course, missing daddy! Wyatt, Willow, Makayla, Emma, Maria De la Paz, Fernando, David and Skyler are our roommates at the Quantum House. Wyatt and Makayla were in for a follow-up. Maria de la Paz had superhip and fibula lengthening. Fernando is Maria's brother. David is getting his fibula straighten because it was bowing out. Willow is Wyatt's little sister.

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