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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, November 4, 2011

Summer and Fall

Ethan had a fun summer. He went to the State Fair of Texas and enjoyed the food, the animal farm, the car show but was not crazy about the rides! We managed to get him on one ride! Marissa and Ethan test drove every car in the lot!

We had a play date with our PFFD buddies! We can't believe how fast they are growing!! Michelle is doing great and is getting bigger every time we see her. Abby is our super star! She made it to the cover of the November's North Texas Child Magazine!! Can't wait to see her and get her autograph! Aubrey is also growing like a weed! She is super cute and always has the cutes prosthetics! As you know, Abby and Ethan will have surgery on January 10th. Please keep our little guys in your prayers. We are hoping and praying that they don't catch the flu or a cold prior to the big date. Abby and her family are moving south and soon will be in our county! Ethan and Abby will spending more time together than they will like but us parents think it'll be fun!! Aubrey is also looking at having surgery sometime next year but her parents have not set a date. As you can see all is well and our PFFD family keeps looking better and better every time we get together!

(Ethan, Michelle, Abby, and Aubrey)

Ethan carved his own pumpkin or at least attempted to carve his own pumpkin! Look at that smile!!! He loved it!!!

Ethan was Bubble Bee for Halloween and he loved it! We met his buddy Grayson and Gavin at the Zoo and they had a grand time!!!

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