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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Friday, November 19, 2010

Way over due update on Ethan’s Progress!

Ethan managed to walk on his own without walker while I was out of town. I remember Eddie calling me the week of Oct. 4th to tell me how proud I would be of Ethan. He said “Ethan is walking/running without his walker. You would be so proud of him.” Aww, and I missed out! It’s not been over a month and I can’t tell you how wonderful he is doing. We are super proud of Ethan and his demeanor not to give up. Ethan’s favorite words are “Ethan go FAST” because the kids around him look like they are going fast compared to how he was getting around. He is walking wonderfully without his prosthetic. We went to get Ethan casted for a new prosthetic last week and he is scheduled to go back next week to get fitted. I hope we have the new one before our trip to WPB.

For Halloween Ethan was Buzz Lightyear, Eddie was Woody and of course mommy was Jessie. We love Halloween! Ethan went from house to house saying trick-a-treat! He loves it so much that he thinks he should be going every day.

So the Rangers went to the World Series and we managed to get tix for Game 5. Ethan loves going to sporting events and I must add he loves chanting for the Texas Rangers! “Let’s Go Rangers...”

Just a few months ago he was strapped to cast and now he is dancing and running around like other kids. Our son is dancing, how wonderful is that? One of many songs that he loves to dance too are Toy Story song “You Got a Friend in Me,” the IPad Commercial song and Gummy Bear. The minute he hears any of those he drops what he is doing to get down like James Brown!

We are scheduled to go to WPB the beginning of December. Ethan will be part of history. He is one of many kids that will be part of a case study and might even be selected to be part of Dr. Paley’s Reality Show. I’ll blog about our experience when we get back and give you all the details.

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