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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Post-Fixator (Week 27)

We had a great time visiting our friends prior to the big surgery day!  We went to dinner for our favorite places and walked on the pier!  It's beautiful and hot in WPB in July!  We visited our PT friends and told them how much we missed them!!  It's nice going back and seeing all the familiar faces!!!

Surgery was on the 9th and we've not had any sleep since.  I love the fact that we are not caring around 3.5 pounds of metal but gosh....could you cut Mommy/Daddy a break!!!  PLEASE!!! 

I feel so bad for Ethan, he is having to wear an abductor pillow (AKA Sponge Bob) between his legs while he sleeps and lets just say that equals lots of sleepless nights!  The first week was pure torture.  The abductor pillow is to help secure his hip.  Not only was he not sleeping at all but I was having to rub his foot for 99.9 percent of the time!!!!  On Saturday,we talked to Servando and he suggested we remove the pillow and see if that helped with the pain!!   I don't know if it was the lack of sleep or not wearing the pillow but we slept better that night.   Last night, it started again!!!  WE DID NOT SLEEP.  I'm sure they are muscle spasms and I hope in few weeks we will be free of night pain/spasms!! 

On a better note, he is having great days!  He has not had pain medicine since Wednesday of last week and the wounds were completely scabbed by Friday but we wrapped a couple of more nights just in case.  He is in great spirits during the day and ready to get up and run, jump and do all the things 4 yr olds do!

Abby Girl had her fixator removed on Monday and she is doing 100 times better than Ethan.  Her recovery has been a breeze! Lucky for her and her mommy they are not having to use the abductor pillow and she has not had any sleepless nights!  Lily was given the green light to bear weight and she is doing awesome!!!  Mariel is on her second cast and 2nd month of casting!  Poor baby, I'm sure she is ready to get that off!

I'm eager to see how our other friends do in the next month or two when they say goodbye to the fixator.

Thank you for all the prayers and support during the past seven months!!!  We are near the end and we are eager to get it all behind us. 

Pre-Surgery...Goodbye, The Incredibles!!

Abby stopped by to visit on Thursday!

Saturday...playing with his cousin Nanu!

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