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E-Rod's Angels

E-Rod's Angels

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ethan's Birthday Party

We celebrated Ethan's 2nd Birthday this past weekend. The theme was Diego and of course lots of balloons. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it. Smokey John’s prepared the brisket, Ma made her famous beans and rice, Chris prepared mashed potatoes and Grandma Vickie and Aunt Faye made the Diego cupcakes and cake. We had around 24 boys and girls show up. We had a house full that's for sure. Of course, the majority of them were family (cousins). Abby and her family only stayed for a little while. Abby and Charlie jumped in the bounce house and off they went to prepare for the Florida trip. Among other guests that attended were Michelle and her family, the Garcia’s, the Gonzalez’s and Estrada’s and the Hudspeth’s. Eddie and Ethan jumped in the jump house, Grandma Vickie and Hector let him blow bubbles, Aunt Faye, Nena and Eppie held him when he wanted. I saw Ethan getting lots of love from all the guests. We had two games the calling for a Monkey, Lion or Elephant and scavenger hunt of animals. He loved doing the monkey, lion and elephant calling. It was hilarious because no matter who's turn it was he was first to respond. Malarie won the scavenger hunt so she won the first Diego cupcake. Grandma Vickie did face painting, which by the way the children LOVED. Next was the cake, he managed to blow-out his own candle and loved getting all the attention. When he opened his gifts he would start by saying “Wow…” to every single gift. He is so cute! Once he finished opening gifts we had the balloon drop. He was scared at first but after a while he wanted to get down from his high chair to play with all the balloons. Towards the end of the party, we had all the kids grab a handful of balloons; we walked out to the front yard and release them. The kids loved watching the balloons fly up in the sky. I personally loved it, reminded me of the UP movie. The party was a great success thanks to every one that joined us in the celebration of our angel’s birthday!


  1. A Message to My Son

    As my son & family are preparing for their journey to Florida, I cannot help but worry and wish them all the best.

    There are nights when I cannot sleep worrying about Ethan's operation. Then, there are nights when I can sleep and I dream about Ethan. So I started to ask myself why am I so worried? Why does it make me want to cry every time I think about his operation? Finally, last night I realized why.

    As I closed my eyes, I could see Ethan's beautiful, heart-melting smile when I realized that that beautiful smile might be turning into cries of pain in a few weeks. Then it hit me! Ethan's pain is going to be my son's pain; Ethan's tears are going to be my son's tears; and my son's pain & tears are going to become my pain & tears as well. Son, I want you to know that as you feel your son's pain & tears, I will be feeling yours. Every time you hurt, believe me, I hurt too.

    I feel for my son & Maria because they are going to have to see their son in pain. That is what worries me and has been bothering me so much. It is so hard for parents to see their child suffer or hurt or unhappy. I want to say to MY son that you will not be alone. My prayers are with you & your family always and to Abby & all the families that are going through this. I am here to help any way I can. I love you son & I love you Maria & Ethan. Take care & God Bless all of you.
    Love - Mom

  2. That's so sweet, Mom. Thank you. As much as it's going to hurt us seeing this way, we know that it's the best decision and option for him to have a healthier life. We just have to be sure to bring his sleeping pals, Boe Boe, Goofy, and Cocky with us to Florida so hopefully he be calm and think of home.